Xtra Hot

The Novoline range has a variety of slot games that aim to offer players different themes and different styles of game play. The Xtra Hot game is excellent as it allows players the chance to play a simpler Novoline slot in terms of the game play but in a really high octane and fast paced environment. This means that players get to enjoy a game that is themed on smoking hot symbols and very fast action. The graphics of the Xtra Hot game are great at enhancing this feel of the slot game and the background of the slot is a fiery purple colour. The symbols of the game are various fruits including the lemons, oranges and plums then also featured are the BAR, 7 and X symbols. The symbols on the reels in the Xtra Hot game are all displayed with fire around then and presented in a smoking hot way to enhance the feel of the slot game. The sounds of the Xtra Hot game are excellent and create a great fast tempo for the slot game. The fast tempo is created through very short and sharp electronic sounds and this really adds to the playing environment of the slot game.

The game play of the Xtra Hot game is in keeping with the fast theme of the slot game and has a quick and turbo charged playing style. The slot format is a five reel and five win line game where players can enjoy an easy playing style with few win lines in play. The aim of the Xtra Hot game is to line up as many of the same symbols from the left to the right as possible to create a winning line. The game has an excellent main jackpot feature where players can win 1000x the stake amount by spinning in five 7’s across the reels. The different symbols in the Xtra Hot game all result in different prizes being won and these can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table can be accessed via the pay table button which is located at the bottom right of the screen. The Xtra Hot game has an excellent substitute bonus which is represented by the star symbol. This star symbol can be swapped on the reels into any other symbol in the game to create a winning line therefore drastically increasing a player’s winning chances.

The Xtra Hot game manages to create a very fast paced and high octane slot game through the visual effects of the game. The different visual effects of the slot game include the graphics that show the symbols in bright colours and surrounded with flames. The sound effects of the slot through the short and sharp electronic tones manage to successfully create a fast tempo playing environment. The Xtra Hot slot game also has a very fast paced playing environment because of the smaller slot format and the fewer bonus features. The game does have an excellent top jackpot that players will enjoy aiming towards.