Win Wizard

One of the most imaginative and creative games in the Novoline range is the excellently well themed Win Wizard game. This game is a fantasy adventure that aims to take players into an imaginary world that is full of excitement, mystery and magic. The aim of the Win Wizard game is to first find the wizards laboratory and then to persuade the wizard to cast a spell of wealth and riches over the player. This target is not an easy one and players will come across many dangers and obstacles on this quest. These dangers are because this magical world is a very dark place full of evil spirits. The player in this Win Wizard game can also find along their journey items that will help them and these include the magic wild toad and a purple magic ball. The Wizards laboratory is located in the highest tower of the highest castle in the land. The graphics in this Win Wizard game really allow this theme to come to life and the background of the Novoline slot is a wizard laboratory which is full magical apparatus. The symbols used in the game all represent different characters featured along this exciting player’s quest.

The game play of this exciting Novoline game is just as excellent as the theme and the graphics and will keep players on the edge of their seats. The format of the Win Wizard slot is a five reels and twenty win line game which give players the maximum amount of flexibility when selecting their stake. The first of the bonus features in the Win Wizard game is the completely random bonus feature which can be activated at any time during a game. This bonus feature involves a Wizard floating out over the reels and reading from a spell book adding prizes to the prize fund. This bonus is only stopped when the wizard reads ‘The End’ from the page and the spell book is shut and the Wizard disappears from the reels. The second bonus feature in the Win Wizard game is the substitute bonus which is represented by the magic frog symbol. This bonus feature can significantly increase player’s chances of creating a winning line and can therefore be very profitable for players. The last bonus feature in the Win Wizard game is the gamble bonus that gives players the chance to place a fifty / fifty bet to double or lose their winning fund.

In evaluation of the whole playing experience felt when playing this Win Wizard game player’s will really enjoy the excellent theme that is successfully presented. This theme is very imaginative and creative and is very well pulled off through the quality of the graphics and the sound effects. The sound effects in the Win Wizard game are excellent and have a very mystical and magical quality to them. The game play of the slot is excellent and players will really enjoy the random bonus feature that can really help players add to their prize fund.