The Alchemist

The Alchemist game from Novoline is one of the most fun and involving games in the entire range. The game play of the slot is very much targeted at beginners so the theme of the game is fun with easy and clear animated graphics. The theme of The Alchemist game is that of a magical Wizard who has the power to grant a spell of wealth and riches over the fortunate player. This excellent and fun theme is presented on the screen to players through animated graphics and fun electronic sounds. The background of The Alchemist slot is a cartoon drawn Wizard laboratory with shelves stacked high with potions, spell books and magic rings. The centre of the slot background is an open spell book with the different win line combinations written across it. This results in the spell book being cleverly used as a pay table that’s always visible to the player. The Alchemist game has wonderful effects where the player gets the chance to choose from different potions in the laboratory and these potions can turn into gold in front of the player’s eyes. The sound effects in the game are great and really add to the magical atmosphere of the game.

The game play of The Alchemist game is very simple and will appeal to players who are new to casino slot games. This will affect the more experienced casino game player’s enjoyment of the game however as they may quickly bore of the simple game play. The format of The Alchemist slot is a 3 reel and 1 win line game, players have no choice over the amount of win lines to play on and there is a minimal amount of reels. The bonus features in the game are also limited and easy so that beginners can pick up the game quickly. The main bonus feature in The Alchemist game is the ‘Spell Book’ bonus where players must line up three spell books across the three reels. This then triggers the bonus where the player is offered three magical potions to choose from, this can result in either great wealth or great disappointment. If the player chooses wisely the potion turns to gold and they win a large sum of money which is excellent for the player. The Alchemist game does include the gamble bonus where players can double their money on a chance bet. This is only for the bravest of players however as the losers lose their entire prize fund.

The overall conclusion of The Alchemist game is that is an excellent slot game for beginners and players just getting used to casino games. The game does have an excellent jackpot feature but the more advanced casino game players may tire of this. The theme of The Alchemist game is excellent and players will love the chance to be in a Wizards laboratory choosing from different magical potions. The graphics are presented in animated format which look excellent and players will really enjoy the visual effects of the casino slot game.