Sharky is one of the most exciting and popular games in the Novoline range due to the brilliant action and adventure theme featured in the game. The theme is a Pirates adventure in the Caribbean seas this is one of the most fun themes to choose for a game and players will really love the exotic feel. Popular modern culture has created a large interest in Pirates and recent films and other media exposure has made them highly interesting for the public. This Sharky game gives players the chance to take an adventure in a Pirates world which is something that will appeal to large amount of players. The Sharky game places players in the shoes of an explorer who is on the hunt for the buried treasure and their search will take them past many places and obstacles. To assist a player on the Sharky adventure certain objects are available to be found to help them find the treasure these includes a compass, a handsome sailor or the talking parrot. The player on this quest will also pass through many dangers including shark invested waters and bloodthirsty cut throat pirates. These dangerous elements really add to a player’s enjoyment of a game.

The graphics of this Novoline slots game are excellent and include 3D symbols representing the different characters in the game. The sound effects in the Sharky game are also really excellent and players will enjoy the different aquatic noises that really add to the playing environment. The game play of the Sharky game is excellent and players will love the various bonus features available in the game. The slots format is a five reel and twenty win line game giving players a large amount of flexibility over their stake amount. The first bonus features in the Sharky game is the special bonus where players must spin in an island in the fifth reel and a sailing ship in the first. This then triggers ten free bonus spins for the player which they will then play and this can result in an excellent prize fund for the player. The Sharky game does also feature a substitute bonus which is represented by the pirate symbol. This pirate symbol can be swapped with any other symbol with the exception of the sailing ship and the island symbol to create a winning line. The game does also feature a gamble bonus where players are given a chance bet to either double or lose their winnings.

In summary of the overall playing experience when playing the Sharky slot game is highly exciting and players will love the Pirate theme. The graphics and the sound effects of the Sharky game are excellent and players will really enjoy the highly detailed symbols. The game play of the slot game is fantastic as numerous bonuses are available and the slot gives players lots of flexibility when choosing their win line. The best bonus is the special bonus and players will love the challenge of trying to line the two symbols up in the correct reels.