Ramses II

The Novoline range has produced many games that cater for people’s differing tastes and one type of theme that is very popular are the historical themed games. The game Ramses II is an historical themed game where players are taken back to a period before the birth of Christ to the ancient Egyptian days. This is a fascinating period in history that players will love due to its high appearance in popular modern culture. Players will be used to seeing this time period in films and documentaries and the main buildings of era, the pyramids, are still on earth today and are one of the 7 wonders of the world. The Ramses II game takes players back in time to the middle of this era and gives them the quest and task to find the pharaohs gold. The quest for this Gold in the Ramses II adventure will be full of dangers and obstacles including scarabs and horrible men in evil masks. There are also certain objects that can help a player in the Ramses II game and these include a golden eagle, a gem and a golden temple all of these items can a player on their search.

The game play of the Ramses II game is excellent and players are offered many good bonus features with a great slot format. This slot format is a five reel and twenty win line set up making the game more suitable for more advanced players due to the amount of stake choice on offer. The first of the bonus features in the Ramses II game is the scatter bonus feature and this is represented by the scarab symbol. The player must spin in three or more of the scarab symbols to activate the feature which results in 15 win spins for the player. These 15 win spins can result in excellent winnings for the player and makes the bonus very attractive. The second bonus in the Ramses II game is the double substitute bonus that is represented by the emperor symbol. The emperor symbol can swap with any other symbol on the board to increase the chances of a win line being created for the player. The added benefit that this bonus brings is that whenever the emperor symbol is shown on the win line it automatically doubles that win line. The last bonus in Ramses II is the gamble bonus where players can double or lose their prize fund on one chance fifty / fifty bet.

Ramses II is an excellent themed slot game based on a very exciting period in history and players will love the opportunity to be taken back to this time period. The graphics in the Ramses II game are excellent and the sound effects really manage to add to the Egyptian feel of the game with clever Egyptian tones. The game play of the slot game is highly satisfying as the bonus features that are offered are excellent and players will really enjoy the challenge that they present.