Plenty on Twenty

The Plenty on Twenty game from Novoline is excellent and players will love the chance to play a classically themed game. The slot game offers players a traditional playing environment which will remind players of the traditional land based casino slot games. The Plenty on Twenty games theme is centered on the symbols that are used in the game these symbols are the watermelon, blackberries, oranges, star, bell and the all important 7. The game is simply themed but manages to pull of this theme with a lot of class due to the level of graphics and sound effects that are used. The graphics in the Plenty on Twenty slot are crisp and clear and manage to present the game in a wonderful way. The symbols in the Plenty on Twenty game are all 3D and when each different symbol arrives on the reels a small dance is performed. The sound effects used in the game are excellent and really remind players of the classic land based casino games. The electronic tones have different and individual tunes for each and every win line that is spun in on the reels and this really adds to overall playing environment for players.

The game play of the Plenty on Twenty slot is excellent this is due to the format of the slot and the bonus features that players can play for. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line game where players will enjoy the thrill of having large flexibility when selecting their win lines. The first of the bonus features available in the Plenty on Twenty game is the scatter bonus feature where if the player manages to spin in three or more stars onto the screen then bonus spins are awarded. The next bonus feature in the Plenty on Twenty Novoline slot is the substitute bonus where if players spin in a 7 on the reel it can be swapped with any other symbol to help create a winning line. The aim of the Plenty on Twenty game is to create a win line from the left to the right with the same symbols across the five reels. The last bonus feature available for players to play for is the gamble bonus where players are given the chance to double or lose their prize fund. The gamble bonus is a fifty / fifty chance bet and only for the bravest of players.

In evaluation of Plenty on Twenty players will find that the game has a very simple theme that certain players will love. This simple theme is pulled of through very effective graphics that are crisp and clear and present a great playing environment for the player. The sound effects of the Plenty on Twenty game are equally good and players will love the feel that they give to the slot game. The game play is exceptional and the large amount of bonus features available to players make the game very exciting and fun to play.