Novoline Online

The different Novoline online games all have fantastic bonus features available to players. An online Novoline game that has some excellent bonus features is the Real King title, the first of these bonus features in the King of the Reels bonus. This King of the Reels feature is a completely random bonus feature where at any point in the game after a losing or winning spin a special sound can be sounded. This special sound signifies the start of the bonus round and a King hovers out over the reels on a cloud and starts handing out prizes into the players winning fund. This excellent feature in the Novoline online game is very profitable for a player and only stops when the kings disappears in a puff of smoke. The next excellent Novoline online bonus in the Real King game is the substitute bonus that really increases player’s chances of winning. This bonus is represented by the joker symbol and this joker has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. A winning line in this Novoline online game is five adjacent symbols lined up next to each other.

A very popular bonus that can be won in the Novoline online range is the scatter bonus feature. This feature is present in numerous different games in the range and an example of this is the Caribbean Holiday game. The Caribbean Holiday game has an excellent scatter bonus that is represented by the airplane symbol. To trigger the scatter bonus feature the player must spin in at least three of these symbols. This Novoline online game then awards the player with a massive forty five bonus spins that pay all winning combinations at double the stake amount. This is a fantastic bonus as forty five bonus spins is a massive amount of spins to be won and the double multiplier can equal some excellent prizes for a player. The next bonus feature that a player would find in this Novoline online game is the double substitute bonus which is represented by the lifeguard symbol. This lifeguard symbol has the ability to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. The winning line that is created is then automatically doubled with this excellent bonus feature in this Novoline online game.

A bonus feature that is seen in a lot of the Novoline online games is the gamble bonus feature and this involves a player being given an opportunity to double their prize fund. This opportunity is a chance fifty / fifty bet where the player has to choose what colour card will be drawn next from a deck of cards. The right choice will result in a player doubling their winnings and the wrong choice will result in a player losing everything. This is an excellent way for a player to aggressively raise their prize fund as this feature can be repeated a number of times. The Novoline online range of games includes two excellent games that have a fun and playful theme. These games are themed around the graphics that they use and these graphics are fun cartoon animations. The first of these fun animated Novoline online games is called Bugs and Bees this is a great game that is themed on fun and cute insects. These are insects you could find at the bottom of your back garden and are beautifully detailed in fun cartoon animation. The background of the Novoline online game is the flowerbed of a back garden and the symbols on the reels are all different Bugs and Bees.

The next of the cartoon animated games from Novoline online is the Beetles Mania title which is a really wonderful game. This clever game is beautifully presented through fantastic cartoon animation and has a musical theme as the game is based on the smash hit band the Beetles. The Beetles were a hugely successful band from the 1960’s in Liverpool, England. The band are the most successful English pop band of all time and have a massive fan base and even now there music is hugely popular. This Novoline Online game will appeal massively to fans of the band and all different types of music fans as this band were so well known. The background of the Novoline online game is a music studio and features cartoon animated speakers, guitars, drum sets and microphones. The symbols on the reels are different members of the Beetles band very cleverly animated as Beetle insects. This is a fantastic feature of the Novoline online game and players will love looking at the world famous band members designed as Beetle inspects. The cartoon animation is so detailed that each of the band members has their own clothing style and their own individual famous mop hairstyles. This level of detail really creates a unique finish to the slot game that players will really appreciate and enjoy.

One of the most successful and popular games in the Novoline online range is the game that covers the most exciting theme in the whole of the range. The Sharky game covers a fantastic theme of a Pirates adventure through the Caribbean seas. This is a fantastic theme for a game and the topic of pirates is a hugely popular one with players due to the high exposure of pirates in modern day popular culture. The players at the start of this Novoline online game are given the challenge of finding the buried treasure. The player will have to get past many obstacles on their search for this treasure including evil cutthroat pirates and shark invested waters. The player can also in this Novoline online game find a few objects that will make their challenge much easier and these are the talking parrot, the treasure map, the compass and the helpful sailor. These different elements are all presented to the player through extraordinary graphics and all of the symbols in the game are shown with excellent images. The background of this Novoline online slot is an ocean with a sailing ship helping theme of this game come to life.