Novoline Games

The best thing about the Novoline games is the variety that a player can choose from whatever a person’s interests they are covered by these excellent games. The different themes are all excellently presented to the player through market leading graphics and sound effect. One type of themed game that is very popular with players is the historical games which are excellent for players who like history. The different Novoline slots games present a different exciting period in history and players can completely immerse themselves in a certain period in history. These historical Novoline games include Ramses II that is themed on ancient Egypt, Katana is themed on ancient Japan, Kings Treasure is themed on medieval England and Columbus Deluxe that is themed on the great 16th century explorer. These different titles all present a totally different period in history and players will love playing and imaging they are in an historical period. The graphics that present these slots are excellent and players will really appreciate how the Novoline games involve the player through the visual effects in the playing experience. The sound effects in all of the games are very good and add to the atmosphere of each slot game for the player.

The first of the historical themed Novoline games is the Kings Treasure title where the game is set in medieval England. This is a time period that is very popular and many films have been based on this era like Robin Hood and A Knights Tale. Medieval England is so popular with players because it creates images of knights and swordsman fighting and of huge castles with wealthy Kings living inside them. This Novoline game starts players on the open fields to the North of London and players are given the task to make their way down to the King castle. The aim of the game is to break into the Kings castle and steal his treasure from the deepest dungeon, this is a game that is full of danger and there are many difficult obstacles that need to be passed. These dangers come in the form of the Kings knights and savage villagers, there are also some objects that can help a player on their journey. The graphics in this Novoline games are superb and the symbols all present different characters in the game on fantastic 3D animation. The sound effects in this Novoline games are excellent and players will enjoy the feeling they give the slot game.

The next of the historically themed Novoline games is the excellent title Katana where players get the chance to go back in time to ancient Japan. This is a wonderful period in history that is surrounded with lots of mystery and intrigue and is very popular in today’s modern popular culture. Ancient Japan is very famous for Samurai swords an item that due to their popularity is still available and very sort after today. The player in this excellent Novoline game is placed in the wilderness of ancient Japan with the goal of finding the sacred temple with the treasure kept inside it. The player on the quest will encounter many dangers including samurai wielding Ninjas and dangerous dark villages. The player on their Novoline games quest must find the Shogun to be successful as the Shogun is a wise old man who can help the player find their way. The graphics used in this slot are fantastic as they really bring to life the Japanese feel with an authentic background and detailed symbols on the reels. The sound effects in this Novoline games are brilliant as they manage through the electronic tones to create a Japanese feeling to the slot.

The next historically themed slot in the Novoline games range is the Ramses II title that takes players back the furthest in time of all of the Novoline games. This game transports players back to the ancient Egyptian times where pyramids were the buildings of choice and ropes were worn; this adventure game is not only exciting but brilliantly well themed. This game places players in the middle of ancient Egypt with the objective of stealing all of the Pharaohs gold from the temple. This is a mission full of danger as the Pharaoh is renowned for being merciless and will torture anyone caught near his gold. The game includes the dangers from the Pharaoh men who are dressed in evil masks and the scarabs who are searching for the player. The player must also look on his journey for the golden eagle, the golden temple and a gem as all of these objects will help the player on their quest. The theme in this Novoline games is brilliantly presented with fantastic graphics that present the background in the pyramids colour. The sound effects of this Novoline games is excellent and players will really feel immersed in the ancient Egyptian world through the electronic tones in the game.

The last of the historical Novoline games reviewed here is the fantastic explorer game based on the most famous explorer of all time Christopher Columbus. This incredible explorer was famous for his theory of believing the world was round when everyone thought it was flat. He set out on a voyage to prove this theory and managed to discover what is now known as America, this was a huge discovery that resulting in treasure and other forms of wealth. This excellent Columbus title from Novoline games places players in the shoes of this great man at the docks in England ready to depart on this epic voyage. The game very cleverly sets the scene and is a fantastic old sea adventure on the journey the player must find many different objects that can help them including a compass, a necklace and a princess. The graphics used in this Novoline games really allow a player to feel part of the adventure and the background of the slot is the deck of a famous sailing galloon and a map. The symbols used in this Novoline games are all presented in excellent 3D images and create a great playing environment.