Novoline 2

The Novoline 2 range of games is excellent and as well as offering games in a variety of themes it also offers games at varying difficulty levels. One of the easiest games is a fantasy adventure title called The Alchemist and this game is set up to target beginners. The reason why the game is so good for beginners is that the format of the Novoline 2 slot game is a three reel and one win line set up. This is the smallest amount of reels and wins lines possible for players to enjoy a casino slot game and this therefore makes it the easiest. The bonus feature in this Novoline 2 game is very easy and simply involves a player lining up three spell books across one win line. This then triggers the bonus where one player is given the choice between three magic potions and the right choice can result in massive winnings for a player. This is an exciting bonus for players as the right choice of potion results in the potion turning gold in front of the player’s eyes. The background of this Novoline 2 game is the inside of a wizard’s laboratory which is excellent as it really brings the fantasy theme of the slot to life.

One of the most popular locations to base a Novoline 2 game is under the sea and this excellent location is so popular due to people’s fascination with this environment. There is such a large fascination with the world under the sea because it’s an area that covers the majority of the earth’s surface but is somewhere humans cannot freely visit. A Novoline 2 title that is located under the sea is the brilliant Dolphins Pearl game and this game is themed on human’s favourite creature the Dolphin. Dolphins have long been very popular with the general public due to the stories of Dolphins saving humans from drowning at sea and being eaten by sharks. This Novoline 2 game gives players the chance to immerse themselves deep under the sea and find the beautiful Dolphins. These Dolphins will then guide and show the player where the pearl and the treasure can be found. The graphics used to bring this Novoline 2 game to life are excellent, the background of the Novoline slot is a moving ocean scene where the sea weed moves with the current and air bubbles wiz up to the surface. The symbols used in the game are all different marine life which all adds to the aquatic feel of the slot.

The next of the excellent underwater adventure games from Novoline 2 is the excellent title Mermaids Pearl. This is a game that is themed on the most mystical creature on the face of the earth and one that is incredibly popular, the Mermaid. The reason for the Mermaids wide popularity is that they are highly represented in modern day popular culture including films and books. This coverage means that they are very popular with people and this game gives users the opportunity to play with them. The aim of this Novoline 2 slot is to find the Mermaids as the Mermaids will then show the player where the treasure and the pearl are located. This excellent slot from Novoline 2 includes lots of different marine life on the reels and this creates an excellent playing environment. This marine life includes seahorses, crabs, turtles, clownfish and large schools of fish and they are presented very well on the reels in great 3D design. The sound effects used in the Novoline 2 games are brilliant and they manage to really create an aquatic feel to the slot game. The different winning line combinations in the game all play individual tones for a winning line which adds value to the overall slot game experience for players.

Big Catch is another themed game based underwater from the Novoline 2 game developers. This is an excellent themed game as it is based on a very unique and novel concept. This concept is a day trip out fishing, fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and a huge amount of people love this pastime. This Novoline 2 game will really appeal to fishing enthusiasts as it gives them a chance to play a game based on their favourite hobby from the comfort of their own home. People who don’t fish will also really enjoy this game as they will love the chance to immerse themselves in an adventure out at sea fishing. The aim of this Novoline 2 game is to unlock the bonus feature ‘Big Catch’ which is an excellent bonus where the reels are cleared and a fishing session is started. A rod comes down the centre of the screen into the sea and starts catching fish, the bigger the fish the bigger the prize. The graphics used in this Novoline 2 Big Catch game are excellent and players will love how the fish are shown on the screen in a brilliant 3D effect.

The last of the slot games that are located deep under the sea is the excellent Lord of the Ocean game. This is a fantasy adventure game from Novoline 2 that is based at the bottom of the deepest ocean and has a fantastic storyline behind it. The Novoline 2 game shares similarities in its name with a smash fantasy movie trilogy and really allows players to think of these brilliant films whilst playing. The player starts their adventure at the bottom of the ocean with the goal of the game to find the special green gems that will reward the player with wealth. In this fantasy world a Sea King and a Sea Queen live in a fantastic underwater castle they are also both desperately searching for these magical gems. This makes the player’s quest very dangerous as the Sea King and Queen will stop at nothing to find the gems. This great Novoline 2 adventure also features underwater cities and all sorts of different marine life. The graphics used in this Novoline 2 slot are amazing with a fantastic 3D moving background and very detailed symbols on the reels.