Mermaids Pearl

The Mermaids Pearl game from Novoline is an excellent themed slot game based deep down in the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean. The game is themed on mans favourite fantasy creature the Mermaid. Mermaids have long been mystical and magical creatures that have had large amounts of interest from the public. The Mermaids Pearl game places the player as a diver at the bottom of the sea and the players aim is to search the seabed for the Pearl and the sunken treasure. This search for the treasure and the pearl leads a player past many beautiful fish and sea creatures including crabs, seahorses and turtles. The graphics in the Mermaids Pearl game are exceptional as they show a background of moving images as the ocean has bubbles fizzing up to the surface and seaweed floating with the current. The symbols of the Mermaids Pearl game also show the different fish and sea life that can be seen in the game and these symbols are all shown in excellent 3D animation that players will love. The sound effects used in the game are excellent and manage through the electronic tones to create a very aquatic feel to them game.

The most important factor of this Novoline slot game is the game play that is offered to the player, this includes the format of the slot and the bonus features that are on offer. The format of the Mermaids Pearl slot game is a five reel and twenty win line game where players have lots of choice over how many win lines to select. The first of the bonus features in the Mermaids Pearl game is the scatter bonus feature that is represented by the treasure chest symbol. The player can either win 30, 40 or 50 bonus spins by spinning in 3, 4 or 5 treasure chests symbols this is a huge amount of bonus spins and can really boost a player’s prize fund. The next bonus in the Mermaids Pearl game is the double substitute bonus which is represented by the mermaid symbol. The bonus works by the mermaid having the ability to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line, when this is done the mermaid also doubles the winning amount on that line. The Mermaids Pearl game also has a gamble bonus feature where players can double or lose their prize fund on the strength of a fifty / fifty chance bet.

The Mermaids Pearl game is one of the best in the Novoline range due to the fun theme that is based in a very popular underwater location. The graphics and the sound effects used to present this theme are excellent and really bring the game to life through the detail. The game play of the Mermaids Pearl slot game is excellent and players will love the aggressive bonuses that can be won. There is a massive prize winning potential to be had with this slot game and players will really enjoy trying to unlock the bonuses.