Magic Princess

The Magic Princess title from Novoline slots is a fantasy adventure that aims to take players on a wonderful journey into a fantasy land. This fantasy land is a bewitching place that will really remind a player of a fairytale environment where the grass is yellow and the skies are pink. The Magic Princess game places the player in the middle of this world with the task of finding the princess and getting her to cast a spell of wealth and riches over the player. The journey of trying to find the princesses tower will take a player past obstacles and also gives them the challenge of collecting two magical items that will help them on their quest. These items are the magical ball and the princesses lost magical wand if the player can find these two items they will lead the player to the princess. The graphics in the Magic Princess game are excellent and really bring the fantasy theme to life through the excellent background and symbols in the game. The symbols are all different characters in the Magic Princess game and are brilliantly well presented with 3D images. The sound effects in the game are also excellent and really raise players overall enjoyment of the game.

The format of the Magic Princess slot is a twenty win line and five reel game making the game more suitable for the more experienced casino game players due to the high amount of win lines involved. The different bonus features available in the Magic Princess game are excellent and create a great and exciting playing environment for players. The first of these bonus features is the ‘Magic Balls’ bonus where if the player spins in 3 or more of the magic ball symbols then they are awarded with 15 win spins. These win spins are excellent as they are paid at a 3x amount resulting in excellent winning results for players. The second bonus feature in the Magic Princess game is the substitute bonus that is represented by the princess symbol. This princess symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line and therefore really increases a players winning chances. The third and final bonus feature in the Magic Princess game is the gamble bonus where players can double or lose their winnings on the strength of a fifty / fifty bet. This bet takes place by players being given the choice of what colour card will be drawn next from a deck of cards.

The overall conclusion of the Magic Princess game means few different elements have to be reviewed. The first is the theme of slot game which is an excellent and very creative fantasy adventure that players will really enjoy being taken on. The graphics and sound effects that bring this theme to life are exceptional and very successful in creating a good playing environment. The game play of the Magic Princess game is excellent especially the scatter bonus feature as it is paid on such a huge multiplier.