Lord of the Ocean

One of the most popular games in the Novoline range is the hugely successful Lord of the Ocean game. This game is a wonderfully themed fantasy adventure game that is based at the bottom of the deepest ocean. The Lord of the Ocean game aims to place players on an exciting quest to find the green gems that equal riches for the player’s prize fund. This exciting quest starts at the bottom of the ocean and features the journey a player has to make to find these gems. During this journey a player will have to avoid the sea kings and the sea queen’s wrath as they will stop at nothing to keep the green mystical gems to themselves. The player in this Lord of the Ocean slot will travel past underwater cities and through underwater castles in their search for the magical gems. The graphics used in this Lord of the Ocean title are simply exceptional and the background and the symbols used really bring this game to life. The background of the Novoline slot is a moving ocean where there are air bubbles fizzing up to the surface and green sea weed waving in the current. The detail used in this background is excellent and really brings the game to life.

The title of the Lord of the Ocean game is very similar to a hit fantasy adventure movie trilogy and the font that the title is written in also looks similar to these very popular movies. Players will love the chance to play a game that is partly based on these very popular films, as these films have a cult following and fans will love to play these games. The game play in the Lord of the Ocean game is excellent and players will love the format of the slot and bonus features available. The format of the slot is the very popular five reels and ten win line set up. The first of the bonus features available in the Lord of the Ocean game is the scatter bonus feature where players have to spin in three or more of the green gem symbols. This triggers 15 bonus spins that really have the potential to add to the player’s fund, in addition to this if the reels start expanding during these bonus spins then the player’s prize fund is increased. The Lord of the Ocean game also features a gamble bonus where brave player are given the chance to risk their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet.

This gamble bonus feature can result in a player losing their prize fund or doubling it which is why the bonus should only be attempted by the bravest of players. In summary the Lord of the Ocean game offers players a great opportunity to enjoy a fantasy theme and totally immerse themselves in an alternative reality. The graphics that are used in the Lord of the Rings game are simply superb with the symbols in excellent 3D showing the games characters in really great detail.