Just Jewels DeLuxe

One of the more unique games in the Novoline range is the Just Jewels DeLuxe title that targets itself through its theme at one specific type of player. The theme of the game is a luxury jeweler where players can enjoy immersing themselves in the alternative reality of shopping in an ultra expensive jewelers shop. This is a dream that most women would love and the game is therefore a themed game targeted more towards females. This Just Jewels DeLuxe theme is very clever as it gives players the chance to experience and live a fantasy. Players by using this slot also have the chance to win large amounts of money to turn this fantasy into a reality. The graphics of the Just Jewels DeLuxe game are excellent and really allow the player to be completely involved in the slot game. The background of the slot game is a green velvet colour that looks like the inside of a jeweler. The symbols in the Just Jewels DeLuxe game are all various fantastic looking jewels and different money related items. The sounds used in this slot game are excellent and the short and sharp electronic tones manage to add to the luxury feel of the game.

The game play of the Just Jewels DeLuxe game is simple and very user friendly and the player will enjoy the simple bonus options and slot format. The format of the slot is a five reel and five win line slot game where the player has a smaller option of win lines to choose from making the game quicker and easier for players. The aim of the Just Jewels DeLuxe game is to line up as many of the same symbols from the left to the right as possible to create a winning line. This title varies from others in the Novoline range as only three adjacent symbols need to be lined up from the left to the right making the game much easier to be successful. The different symbols in the Just Jewels DeLuxe game all pay out different amounts and these can be seen in the pay table. The Just Jewels DeLuxe game has an excellent substitute bonus that makes the game much easier for players to win in. This substitute bonus is represented by the euro symbol and this really increases player’s chances of achieving a successful win line combination.

In conclusion of the Just Jewels DeLuxe game players will love the experience that is offered to players through the fast game play and the smaller slot format. The fact the game only needs three adjacent symbols is also a big factor that players will enjoy aiming towards. The theme of the slot is very unique and players will really enjoy being placed in such a luxury environment where they can imagine that they are they shopping for real jewels. The sound effects in the Just Jewels DeLuxe game are fantastic and the electronic tones really add to the whole feel of the slot game.