Golden Sevens

The Novoline production team made a range of varied games so that as many different types of people as possible would be happy with the choice of games available. The Golden Sevens game is an excellent addition to that range as it offers players the chance to play a slot that is very traditional and in keeping with the land based casino slot games. The theme of the Golden Sevens game is built around the symbols that are used and these are the apples, melons, cherries, plums, oranges and the all important 7. These are all very traditional symbols for a land based casino game and they all add to the feel that the slot game is aiming to achieve. The graphics of the Golden Sevens game are simple but also very effective in trying to achieve the simple land based casino game feel. The background of the slot is a two tone blue colour which makes the Novoline slots game look crisp and clear and the reels stand out very nicely. The symbols are all presented with very detailed effects that really make them stand out on the screen. The sound effects of the Golden Sevens game are excellent and really remind players of stepping foot in a land based casino.

The game play of the Golden Sevens slot game is in keeping with the overall theme of the game which is a simple and classic slot game. The slot format is more complex as the game operates on a five reel and twenty win line basis where players are given the chance to choose from many different slot options. The aim of the Golden Sevens game is to line up as many symbols from the left to the right as possible across a win line. These different symbols all pay different amounts to the player and these different amounts can be seen in the pay table. The most significant of these amounts in the Golden Sevens slot is the progressive jackpot feature that pays players 10,000x stake. This is only triggered if the player can spin in a screen full of 7’s and this pays the user this massive amount. The player also wins a huge amount is they can line five 7’s across a win line and this rewards them with a very large winning prize. The Golden Sevens game also includes a gamble bonus feature where players have the chance to double or lose their winnings on the strength of a fifty / fifty bet.

In evaluation Golden Sevens is an excellent slot game as it gives players the chance to play a traditional land based casino slot from the comfort of their own home. The graphics in the slot game are simple and effective and give players the chance to see the reels presented in a very clear style. The sound effects in the Golden Sevens game are equally good as they will instantly remind a player of the traditional casino games. The progressive jackpot in the game is really excellent and gives players something to aim and play for.