Golden Seven

The game developers at Novoline manage to produce some excellent different titles that are targeted at different sections of customers. This is done so the largest amount of different customer groups is contacted as possible. The different games cover a wide range of themes and one of these themes is the land based Novline casino slot game. The game Golden Seven tries to recreate a traditional land based casino game and it does this through crisp and clear graphics which deliver this theme and image very well. The symbols used in the Golden Sevens game include the various fruits oranges, melons, grapes, plums and lemons and the game then also includes the BAR, J, Q, K, X, Wild and Golden Bell. The game also includes the obvious 7 symbol and the Golden 7 symbol. The background of the Golden Seven game is a deep blue combined with a second lighter tone. The sound effects used in the Golden Seven game are excellent and are based on the land based machines. The game manages to give players the feeling of walking through a land based casino. The graphics and the sound effects that are used in this game work really well at creating an excellent playing environment for the player to enjoy.

The game play that the Golden Seven game offers is highly exciting and players will really enjoy playing for the different bonus features that can be won. The game also has a huge progressive jackpot that players can aim for and this is a massive carrot to be hung in front of players. The progressive jackpot in the Golden Seven game can be won if the player spins in a screen full of fifteen 7’s which pays a total amount of 10,000 credits. If the player manages to line five 7’s up across a win line this also pays a huge prize, the aim in the Golden Seven game is to line up as many as the same symbols across the win line as possible. The game features a pay table that shows what all of the different symbols and winning combinations pay out to the player. The Golden Seven game also features two different substitute features, the first is represented by the Wild symbol and this symbol can be swapped into any other symbol in the game with the exception of the Golden 7. The second substitute symbol is the Golden 7 symbol which turns K and Q into 7’s. These two substituting features can dramatically increase player’s chances of winning.

In evaluation of the Golden Seven slot the simple and clear graphics really manage to deliver the theme and feel of a land based casino slot to the player. The sound effects in this game really allow players to feel like they are in a land based casino. The game play of the Golden Sevens slot is excellent and players will love playing for such a huge jackpot prize. The game also features two substitute bonuses which makes the game really interesting for players.