Free Novoline Slots

The casino style fruit machines enjoy huge popularity all over the world with them being played by people from every corner of the globe. The best known brand from these fruit machines is the Novoline slots which make up 70% of the machines found in casinos all over the world. The games built up a huge amount of popularity and an army of fans as land based machines until the inception of the internet saw them moved online. The online provision of the free Novoline slots meant that people could spin the reels from their own homes and at any time of the day or night. The free Novoline slots are all available to be enjoyed at the excellent online casino recommended in this website guide. The casino is fully licensed and approved by the appropriate governing agencies meaning players have a fair chance of winning when the reels are spun. The casino provides players with a safe and secure location to play the free Novoline slots as they are full licensed which is very important. The online casino also offers a team of customer support agents who are experts in all aspects of the free Novoline slots meaning players are assured their queries will always be expertly dealt with.

The whole range of different free Novoline slots gives players the chance to enjoy a selection of themes which cover action and adventure, animated, fantasy and historic ideas. The next important set of features found in the various free Novoline slots are the game play features which include some fun bonuses and differing sized slot formats. The first of the exciting themes that people can enjoy in the range of free Novoline slots are the brilliant historic games. The most popular historic themed game is the excellent Katana game that takes players back to ancient Japan. The player in the Katana slot takes on the role of a samurai warrior who must trek across the disserted Japanese plains in order to find a secret temple and the treasure. There are many dangers that are found in the game that the player must try to avoid these include enemy ninjas and mysterious villages. The players hunt for the treasure is made easier in the Novoline Katana slot if they can manage to locate the wise shogun or pretty lady who can both help assist in finding the treasure. The ancient Japanese theme is brought to life with a fantastic collection of effects that are some of the best found in all of the free Novoline slots.

The next most popular of the history themed Novoline slots is the excellent Columbus game which takes players back many centuries placing them into the shoes of a famous explorer. Christopher Columbus is the most famous explorer in history and responsible for the discovery of America. The player will relish the opportunity of taking on the role of such a hero and will enjoy setting from an English dock on a voyage of discovery. The game play presented in the game is typical to the range of free Novoline slots having a medium sized format and three thrilling bonus rounds. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line set up and the first decision a player must make when they play this and the other free Novoline slots is how many win lines to have active. The more win lines that the player selects when they play the free Novoline slots means their winning chances increase. The main aim in this and the other free Novoline slots is to line up a winning line combination of matching symbols across an active win line. A winning line combination is formed when three, four or five of the same symbols are lined up next to each other across the win line.

The free Novoline slots all reward different symbols with different prize amounts that can be viewed in the individual games pay tables. The pay table is a wonderful tool that allows players to easily see what symbols pay out which amount allowing them to focus on lining up the best symbols. The other features that are available in the free Novoline slots are the various bonus rounds which all offer differing functionality and rewards. The first of the most common bonus rounds that are seen in the range of free Novoline slots is the scatter bonus which works when a nominated symbol is spun anywhere onto the screen three times at once. The scatter bonus rewards players with a prize payment or win spins depending on the individual game meaning it can be a very rewarding feature. The next most commonly seen bonus round in the range of free Novoline slots is the wild bonus. The wild bonus works by a nominated symbol having the power to change places with any other symbol on the board therefore increasing players winning chances. The next bonus feature found in the various Novoline games is the optional gamble bonus.

The gamble bonus is an optional bonus that players can either accept or decline at the end of a winning spin of the reels. The gamble bonus if accepted takes place in the form of a fifty / fifty bet where players can double or lose their prize fund. The gamble bonus in the various free Novoline slots gives players the chance to make very good and fast increases to their prize fund. One of the best selling and most popular of the free Novoline slots is the excellent Book of Ra game that features all three of these bonus rounds. The Book of Ra game has a fan base all over the world which adores it’s very exciting action and adventure theme that places players into the shoes of an explorer. The explorer learns of the existence of a mystical book buried deep in the Egyptian pyramids that holds the key to a fortune. This is one of the most exciting free Novoline slots as it challenges players to take on the role of an explorer and is presented with stunning visual and sound effects. In conclusion the whole range of free Novoline slots offers players a contrasting selection of themes, interesting game play features and stunning effects.