Dolphins Pearl

The Novoline range of games covers some excellent themes and one of the favourite locations to base a game is underwater. The Dolphins Pearl game is located in this popular location and players will enjoy the chance to play a game located in the tropical seas of the Caribbean. The star attraction of this slot game is man kind’s favourite creature the Dolphin and this beautiful mammal has wonderful surroundings. The Dolphin has for years been humans favourite creature as it has a history of rescuing humans that are struggling out at sea. The graphics in the Dolphins Pearl game are excellent and really allow a player to feel involved in the casino slot game. The background of the Novoline slots accurately shows the tropical waters of the Caribbean with the background showing moving seaweed and bubbles rising up to the surface. The symbols of the Dolphins Pearl game are fantastically well detailed and feature other marine life that can be found at the bottom of the sea. The symbols include seahorses, crabs, turtles, pearl mussel and many different schools of fish and all of these symbols have different 3D movements when they land in on the reels. The sound effects in the Dolphins Pearl game create a very realistic aquatic feeling to the game.

The game play of the Dolphins Pearl game is excellent and offers players a great slot format as well as some excellent bonus features. The slot format is a five reel and ten win line game where players can enjoy the chance to choose from a moderate amount of win lines. The first bonus feature in the Dolphins Pearl game is the scatter bonus feature that is shown by the pearl mussel symbol. The player when they manage to spin in three pearl mussel symbols to the board they trigger 15 win spins that are paid on a multiplier of times three. The second bonus feature in the Dolphins Pearl game is the substitute feature that the star of the game, the Dolphin symbol, represents. The Dolphin when spun in on the reels has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. The last bonus feature for players to aim for in the Dolphins Pearl game is the gamble bonus feature. The gamble bonus feature works by the player being given the choice of what colour the next card drawn from a deck of cards will be. If the player chooses wisely they double their prize fund and if incorrectly they lose everything.

The overall summary of the Dolphins Pearl game is that a wonderfully fun and enjoyable theme can be enjoyed through the superb graphics and sound effects that are available in the game. The game play of the Dolphins Pearl is excellent and the scatter bonus gives players a chance to win some excellent prizes. The graphics and the sound effects of the slot game are excellent and they allow players to feel really involved in the game.