Columbus Deluxe

The Novoline range has many historical themed games in the collection but not many of the titles offer players the chances to put themselves into the boots of one of the most famous people in history. The game Columbus Deluxe does just that and places players as the most famous explorer of all time Christopher Columbus. This great man was most famous for believing the world was round and not flat and in setting out to prove this theory he found what is now know as America. This new land offered lots of gold and treasure and proved to be one of the most significant discoveries of all time. The Columbus Deluxe game places the player in the docks of an English Harbour and players will love the thrill that this generates. The symbols in the Columbus Deluxe game all represent different elements of the game that could help the player in their exploration of new places and their hunt for treasure. The graphics of the Columbus Deluxe game are excellent and the background of the Novoline slot represents a sailing ship. The sound effects of the game are also excellent and manage to create a very exciting tone and feel to the game.

The game play of this Columbus Deluxe game is excellent and players will enjoy the variety of bonuses and the fun slot format that is on offer. The slot format is a five reel and ten win line slot game where the player has the opportunity to choose between a medium amount of stake options. The first of the bonus features in the Columbus Deluxe game is represented by the sailing ship symbol and is the scatter bonus. The player must manage to spin in at least three sailing ship symbols on the reels to activate ten free bonus spins. The player during these spins can raise or lower their stake to give them more flexibility and more winning potential. The second bonus feature in the Columbus Deluxe game is the substitute bonus where players have the chance to swap the Columbus symbol with any other symbol on the board. This feature dramatically increases player’s chances of creating a winning line and being successful whilst playing Columbus Deluxe. The game also has a gamble bonus feature where the brave players have the chance to double or lose their money on a completely chance fifty / fifty bet.

In summary of the overall playing experience of the Columbus Deluxe slot game the theme is an excellent concept where players get the chance to take on the role of a famous brave explorer. Players will love the graphics that the game is presented in and will really enjoy the sound effects of the game. The game play of the slot game is excellent and players will enjoy the fun bonus features that can result in really good prize money for the player. The highlight of the bonus features in the Columbus Deluxe game is the scatter bonus feature where players can aggressively raise their prize fund.