Caribbean Holiday

One of the most different and unique games in the entire Novoline range is the Caribbean Holiday slot game. This is a themed slot game based on player’s fantasies and this fantasy is a luxury holiday to one of the world most fantastic holiday destinations. The aim of this slot game is giving players the chance to imagine they are jetting of to this exclusive destination where they can live all of their holidaying dreams. The clever part of the Caribbean Holiday game is that it gives players the chance to win enough money to make this dream become a reality. The symbols in the game are all different elements of a dream holiday to this wonderful place and they include a sexy surfer, handsome lifeguard, Mai Tai cocktail, Dolphin, beach and a flamingo. The background of the Caribbean Holiday slot is a mixture between the blue sea and the blue sky which all add to the overall holiday feel of the slot game. The symbols in the game all have fantastic 3D movements when they spin in on the reels that create an excellent effect for players. The sound effects in the Caribbean Holiday game are excellent and very upbeat and all add to the overall happy feel of the Novoline slots games.

The Caribbean Holiday game offers players an excellent chance to play a game with great game play as the bonus features in this slot game have excellent winning potential. The slot format of the Caribbean Holiday game is really good as there are many different win line options available to players. The first of the bonus features in the Caribbean Holiday slot is the excellent scatter bonus feature represented by the airplane symbol. The player in this game must spin in three or more airplane symbols to unlock forty five bonus spins and these spins are all paid at a multiplier of x2. This is a huge amount of bonus spins to be awarded and with the doubling bonus it makes it a fantastic bonus feature for players to win. The next bonus feature in the Caribbean Holiday game is the double substitute bonus where the player would have to spin in a lifeguard symbol. This lifeguard can be swapped with any other symbol on the board to create a win line and this win line is automatically doubled. These two bonus features are excellent due to the 2x multiplier that is paid on both of them.

In summary the Caribbean Holiday slot is an excellent game that has an excellent theme which is very unique and players will really enjoy. The graphics used to present this are fantastic and really allow players to escape and feel as if they are on a real dream holiday. The game play of the Caribbean Holiday slot is excellent and players will really the huge bonus features that are on offer. The game really gives players an aggressive chance of winning some great prizes so they can buy their own dream vacation.