Bullion Bars

The excellent Bullion Bars title from Novoline is very different to any other slot game in the range due to the playing format of the game. The slot is presented on a three reel set up which makes the game look completely different to the more popular five reel games. This Bullion Bars game is based on the earliest of slot games and players will feel like they are stepping back in history when they play this game. The first slot games were invented in 1890 in America and were found in saloons, cigar shops, brothels and bowling alleys. This retro looking Bullion Bars slot will really remind players of stepping back in time into the old Wild West cowboy’s days and players will really feel like they have sawdust under their feet while playing the slot game. The Bullion Bars slot manages to achieve this retro feel and image through the simple and effective graphics that are in use. The symbols used in the game include the O, X, BAR, BAR STREAK, BARx2, BARx3 and BULLION STREAK these symbols really add to the traditional feel of the slot game. The background of the slot game is a plain black adding to the simple theme of the game.

The game play of this retro and very cool Bullion Bars slot game is excellent and offers players a very different challenge to any other games in the Novoline range. The main difference is the format of the slot game and this is of a three reel and twenty win line set up, players will love the chance to play a large amount of win lines on such a small amount of reels as it makes for a very exciting game. The next and very important feature of the Bullion Bars game is the bonus features that are offered to players. The first of these bonus features is the Bullion Streak bonus where players have to line up BAR, BAR STREAK, BAR across the three reels to activate it. This bonus when activated in the Bullion Bars game means that all the lights in the game light up and the reels spin without stopping showing lots of winning combinations. This bonus is only stopped when a non winnings combination is shown on the reels. The Bullion Bars game also includes a gamble bonus feature and a scatter bonus both of these can really add to a players winning fund.

In summary this Bullion Bars game offers players a unique playing experience where they feel they are playing a game similar to the first ever casino slot games. The game uses simple graphics and sound effects to create this authentic retro feel. This retro feeling offered to players is excellent and highly enjoyable and this combined with the games brilliant game play makes the Novoline slots a smash hit. The game play of this Bullion Bars game is very different to other slots in the Novoline range and really offers players an exciting playing experience.