Bugs and Bees

The Novoline game producers decided because of popular demand that there was space in the market for an animated themed slot game. The result of this was the game Bugs and Bees which is an excellent game that players will really enjoy due to its fun theme and great animated graphics. The game is themed on Bugs and Bees that live at the bottom of the garden deep in the flowerbeds and the game presents this theme in wonderful cartoon animation. The inspiration for this cartoon animated slot game has come from the huge success of animated films like Ants and Shrek as these films have shown there is a huge public demand for animated fun. The graphics for the game include a cartoon animated green background showing where the Bugs and Bees live. The symbols used in the game include the different Bugs and Bees characters and they are all displayed in wonderful cartoon animation. These symbols when they roll into the reels do an individual 3D dance and performance that players will really enjoy. The sound effects in this game are also excellent as they include individual sound tunes for each separate win line which really adds to the enjoyment levels for a player.

The game play of the Bugs and Bees game is excellent and players will really enjoy the feel of the slot game. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line game where players will enjoy the opportunity to choose how many win lines they would like to play with. The first of the bonus features in the Bugs and Bees Novoline slot game is the musical note scatter bonus where a player must spin in 3, 4 or 5 of the musical note symbols. This then triggers 10, 12 or 15 win spins which can be very profitable for the player and if during these win spins the piano bug symbol is spun in then the winning amount is doubled. The second bonus feature to be watched out for in the Bugs and Bees game is the substitute bonus which is represented by the bee symbol. This Bee symbol can dramatically increase player’s chances of achieving 5 adjacent symbols across the winning line to create a line that will payout. The Bugs and Bees game also features a gamble bonus where players can double or lose their prize fund on a chance fifty / fifty bet.

In conclusion of the playing experience of the Bugs and Bees game it is clear that the fun cartoony graphics are fantastic and players will love the cute characters that the game creates. The theme of the game surrounds fun creatures and the cartoon animation really manages to bring the various characters to life. The game play of the Bugs and Bees game is also excellent and players will really enjoy the various bonus features on offer. The piano bug bonus will be a highlight for a various players as this can really help players raise their prize fund.