Big Catch

One of the most different and popular games in the Novoline range is the excellent Big Catch title. This game offers players a great and completely novel playing experience where players are taken on a fishing adventure. This Big Catch game aims to take players on a day trip fishing this is one of the most popular day trips and hobbies in the world. Fishing has been around since the first days of mankind and has developed over the years into a popular hobby and sport. This unique game gives players the chance to feel like they are out on a lake fishing and manages to do this through the fantastic graphics and sounds that are offered. The graphics in the Big Catch game include a moving sea background where the seaweed moves with the current and bubbles wiz up to the surface. The symbols used in the Big Catch game are all different types of fish that are ripe to be caught. The sounds of this game are excellent and allow players to really feel like they are in an Aquatic environment due to the clever electronic tones. This combination of graphics and sound effects really allow the player to feel involved in the theme of the Novoline slots game.

The next crucial factor in a player’s enjoyment of a slot game is the game play that is offered to players through the slots format and bonus features. The format of the Big Catch slot is a five reel and twenty win line game which gives players a really large level of flexibility when selecting the amount of win lines they want to play with. The first of the bonus features available in the Big Catch game is the completely random ‘Go Fishing’ bonus where at a certain point in the game a noise sounds and the reels are cleared. This can happen at any point during the game, after a winning or losing spin, a fishing rod comes out and starts fishing and each fish that is caught means cash is added to the player’s prize fund. This bonus is only stopped when the rod catches the old boot and the game returns to normal. The Big Catch game also includes a substitute bonus where the Wild Starfish symbol can be swapped with any other symbol in the game. This bonus can significantly help a player reach the aim of the Big Catch game of lining up the same symbols across the win line.

In evaluation of the Big Catch game players will find they are completely involved in a fun slot game which is themed on a novel and very different idea. This theme of a day out fishing will appeal to lots of people especially fishing enthusiasts. The graphics and sound effects used in the game are of the highest standard and players will love the 3D effects that bring the game to life. The game play of the Big Catch game is really excellent and players will enjoy the winning potential of the random bonus feature.