4 King Cash

The range of various Novoline slots are very different to each other and they all have different characteristics in terms of the game play, graphics, sound effects and themes offered. One of the games that is very unique is the 4 King Cash game and this is because the game has a total of 20 reels available for players to play with. This not only offers significantly different game play for a player but it also gives the game a much different visual appearance. The 4 King Cash game offers players a premier feeling and this slot game targets the more experienced and advanced casino game players. The game presents this premier feeling through the visual elements of the slot for example the background of the game is a deep blue colour with the kings royal emblem emblazoned all over it. This huge amount of reels in the 4 King Cash game are very cleverly separated with the colours that are used and this results in the game looking very user friendly. The symbols that are used in the 4 King Cash game include the very powerful bag of gold, K, Q, J, 10, plums, 7, cherries and the very special wild symbol.

The game play that is offered to the players of the 4 King Cash game is simply excellent as the game has a very unique format and excellent bonus features. The format of the game is a very advanced system where there are actually 4 different games on one screen. The first bonus featured in the 4 King Cash game is the Gold Sacks bonus and this works by the player collecting the Gold Sack symbols. The player must collect enough of these symbols to light up the title screen of the game, this then triggers lots of winning spins that will automatically add to the players winning fund. This excellent bonus feature is the highlight of the 4 King Cash game as it can pay up to 500x stake to the player. The next bonus feature available to players in the 4 King Cash game is the gamble bonus feature. This is an excellent bonus that gives players the chance to double or lose their money and works by the player being given a fifty / fifty chance bet. These two bonus features and the excellent unique slot format mean that players will really enjoy the playability of the slot game.

The overall experience for a player when they choose to play the 4 King Cash game is excellent. The reasons behind this are that the game is specifically targeted to one type of player, the more advanced player. The game play is tailored to the more experienced players through the complex slot format. The graphics used in the 4 King Cash slot game are simple, clear and crisp which means that the game is very easy for players to use. The sound effects in the game are excellent as there are different electronic tones for each and every different win line combination that comes in on the reels.