Novoline Slots

The world’s leading land based casino slot game provider Novoline Slots quickly made the move into the online market with the birth of the internet. The birth of the internet provided casino visitors around the world the chance to gamble and play their favourite games from the comfort of their own homes. The online gambling market is massive and this is because people love the thrill of playing exciting games for money. Novoline Slots were the largest provider of slot games to land based casinos and were hugely successful in this market area. The internet provided new challenges for Novoline Slots due to increased competition for players this meant that the production team had to make sure the games were of the highest possible standard. They did this by making sure the staff employed to design and produce the online games were the best in the business. The Novoline Slots employees were headhunted for being the best at producing games and this ensured that the games that were made to the highest possible standard. The games had to ensure they are the best in numerous different categories these are the theme of the game, the graphics and sound effects and the game play offered to players.

The theme that the Novoline Slots try to create is very important as this is what appeals to players visually and controls a lot of the playing experience for players. There are many different themes for players to enjoy when playing the Novoline Slots range and this is because all various types of customers need to be offered something they will enjoy. The first type of theme that is very popular are the action and adventure games as these games are fantastic and really raise player’s excitement levels. The next type of theme in the Novoline Slots game that players can enjoy are the underwater adventure games that are all located deep down under the sea. These games are excellent as they give players the chance to enjoy games in a completely aquatic environment. Another themed game type in the Novoline Slots range are the fantasy adventure games that are brilliant at taking players into a fantasy and fairytale world. This great range of games also includes cartoon animated games that are excellent at providing players with a very light hearted and fun playing environment. There are also the classic traditional themed casino slot games where players get the chance to play a game that feels just like a land based casino game.

These themes are all picked to appeal to different types of players so that all types of people would have a variety of games that appeal to them. Another type of theme that can appeal to players is the historical themed free Novoline Slots where the games are all based on a certain period in history. The Novoline Slots all present these various themed games in different styles of graphics and sound effects. The games with far simpler themes are presented in crisp and clear simple graphics. The ones with more complex themes are presented in detailed animation with the symbols in the reels doing 3D performances and the background of the slots moving. These moving backgrounds look fantastic and in some of the underwater Novoline Slots players will really enjoy the feel that they give the game. The underwater games feature seaweed moving in the current and bubbles whizzing up to the surface. The sound effects also vary depending on the theme across the Novoline Slots range. The basic games incorporate simpler sound effects whereas the more complex themes have a more complicated sound track.

The games that are themed in Egypt all create an Egyptian feel for players through having more Egyptian style sound effects. Some of the games in the Novoline Slots range try to create a high tempo fast paced playing environment and do this through excellent short and sharp electronic tones. The shorter the tone the quicker the game feels to the player and this is an excellent way to improve the overall playing experience for the player. The underwater Novoline Slots manage to create a fantastic playing atmosphere for players by including nautical sounding sound effects. The game play of the different Novoline Slots varies from game to game and this some of the games are easier to play than others. The range of different games manages to cater for beginners all the way up to the more advanced casino game players. The game play of a Novoline Slots means the format of the slot and the bonus features that are available. The format of a slot game means how many reels the game is set up on and how many win lines are available for players to choose from.

The bonus features that are available in the Novoline Slots are a key attraction to players as this is where they aim to make their money. The bonuses do not only mean a money making opportunity to a player but also need to be a fun feature of the game. Players should enjoy playing the bonus features and they should bring real value to a game. One of the best bonuses in the Novoline Slots range is the scatter bonus feature which gives players the chance to win bonus free spins. This excellent bonus gives players the chance to win large amounts of cash and is a fun challenge for players to try and line up the same symbols on the screen. The Novoline Slots range includes some other excellent bonus features and these include the substitute bonus where players have the chance to spin in a special symbol on the reels. This special symbol can then be swapped with another on the board to help achieve a win line of adjacent symbols. The Novoline Slots games also include a very risky gamble bonus feature that gives players the chance to double or lose their money on a chance fifty / fifty bet. The bet consists of the player being given a completely chance bet that they can either profit excellently from or lose everything.